AN ARMED SOCIETY IS A POLITE SOCIETY. Be Trained, Be Confident, Be Safe.

New Mexico Handgun Academy is committed to providing the highest quality firearm and personal protection training in the state at an affordable cost. Every effort is made to make our training available to everyone who feels a personal and civic responsibility to become educated about firearms, firearms safety, personal protection and the right to keep and bear arms.
Professional training starts with a professional instructor. Receive your training from an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

“Let your gun be your constant companion of your walks”.
Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, 1785


When you purchase or acquire a firearm, whether your interests lie in personal protection, home defense, recreational shooting, competitive shooting, hunting, or collecting, the next responsible step for you should be training in the safety and use of that firearm. The ownership of firearms is a serious undertaking. After all, would you send a loved one such as a spouse or child out to operate an automobile without the proper training in its operation? Of course not. The same holds true with a firearm. The likely-hood of someone getting seriously injured or killed, not to mention the opportunity for tremendous property damage, all of which could result in lawsuits costing your freedom or everything you and your family own is just too great a risk.
Firearms can be a source of great satisfaction and peace of mind with the right training.

Don’t just settle for the owner’s manual. Get good qualified training and peace of mind.