Handgun & Spare Magazines:
Your personal firearm(s) that you plan to qualify with and all available magazines and speed-loaders. This should be a safe and serviceable firearm. If you do not own a handgun, don't worry! The course is designed to help you determine which handgun is best suited for you. Also, the instructor has a number of types and calibers of handguns, for a small fee, that are available for students to qualify with. The NM concealed carry law distinguishes between a revolver and a semiautomatic with regards to qualification. If you wish to have both a semi and a revolver on your license, you will need to qualify with both types of handguns. NM law also states that you are legal to carry anything smaller in diameter than the caliber you qualify with, so you only have to qualify with the largest caliber revolver and/or semiautomatic you wish to have on your license. You do not have to qualify with both types of handguns if you so wish. Please do not bring live ammunition to the classroom!
If you have not yet purchased a handgun, CALL US for a consult to assist you in this critical decision.

You will need to bring at least 50 rounds of the appropriate ammunition for each caliber and handgun. The DPS qualification course consists of 25 rounds total (10 rounds at seven yards and 15 rounds at three yards) at a 12 inches by 18 inches target. You must score a 72% to pass. Please do not bring ammunition into the classroom!

Along with your firearm, please bring the holster(s) or other method of concealment you plan on utilizing for concealed carry. Once again, the course is designed to help you choose the method that is best for you, so, if you don't own a holster or other concealed carry equipment, don't rush out and buy anything! The instructor has a number of holsters and other concealed carry products for you to try out.

Eye and Hearing Protection: Eyes & Ears
As an owner of a firearm, you should invest in good eye and ear protection since you will be practicing on a regular basis. They can be obtained at any sporting goods store or firearms dealer for approximately $15 each.

Concealed handgun carry application package.
Prior to the first day of class pick up and bring to class a concealed handgun carry application package from the Department of Public Safety, located at:
Special Investigation Division/Concealed Carry Unit
6301 Indian School Rd NE
Suite 310 (Darth Vader building south of Coronado mall)

Or you can download from the DPS website at:
Please print the following three documents and bring them to the class

Don’t settle for anything less.